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1. 4th Pillar Media President, Journalist Farooq H. Mirza flew to Pakistan on Thursday, 05 December 2019 from the USA to organize country-wide chapters of the 4th Pillar, and to set up news-info bureaus of the 4th Pillar TV USA in various cities, towns and villages of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. During his trip to Pakistan, Mr. Mirza met with many journalists, scholars, professionals, business executives and government officials to inform them about activities, programs and projects of the 4th Pillar Media USA.

2. 4th Pillar TV USA, a global Web videos television channel, will be launched in January 2020.

3. Photos, names, titles and media names of over 100 new members of the 4th Pillar will be published in the Members page of this 4th Pillar Media Website.

4. 4th Pillar Media Executive Director, Journalist Syed Alim Adeeb, and 4th Pillar Media Maryland Coordinator, Journalist Khurshid Zaman Abbasi will webcast a special TV program of the Zaman News TV about media journalism in January 2020.

5. Adeeb News TV will start webcasting its new video programs on various issues in January 2020.

Publisher – 4th Pillar Media – USA