Introduction of 4th Pillar Media

4th Pillar Media is a press association of journalists based in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, USA, and Pakistan, since 2014.

The Mission of the 4th Pillar Media is to provide information, education and training to emerging journalists & press-media workers; to support/promote truthful, ethical and investigative journalism; to oppose/expose fake news, corruption and other evils; and to work for the mutual interests, career development and common causes of all members of the 4th Pillar Media.

4th Pillar Media new projects are: 4th Pillar TV – Global News-Views Forum program, education & training courses for journalists & multimedia workers, coverage of special community events.

4th Pillar Media Officers

President Farooq Mirza

Farooq Mirza
Journalist Farooq Mirza

Journalist Farooq H. Mirza is the Founder and the President of the 4th Pillar Media residing in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. He is the USA Editor of daily Markaz newspaper & daily Hotline newspaper, Reporter USA of the Global TV, and News Director of the Pacific Asian News Agency of Pakistan.

Executive Director Syed Adeeb

Syed Adeeb
Journalist Syed Adeeb

Biography of Journalist Syed Adeeb

Journalist Syed Alim Adeeb is the Executive Director of the 4th Pillar Media based in Washington DC – Virginia, USA. He is a Doctor of Multimedia Journalism. Dr. Adeeb is also the Webmaster (designer, writer, editor, developer, IT manager) of this 4thPillar.org Media Website.

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